About the Kaleidoskops room”policy” (english) – kaleidoskop

The Kaleidoskop is an open space – especially in the context of social niches which we see as worthy of being maintained and enlarged.

The place can be used for free for events or meetings (-> see our program).

But definitely not by political “Parties” who participate in the regular election system or try to do so!

We are against (elected) delegation politics (= we don’t want representative democracy), against stubborn dogmatism and against every cadre organization. Self-organization (do it yourself) and to take responsibility for oneself is very important to us. That includes that we don’t provide services – we share resources (like e.g. drinks) and do not sell them. That’s why self-responsibility in general and specifically (for example with using intoxicants of any kind – which includes nicotine, alcohol and caffeine) should become a matter of course. Hierarchical structures and to “give” one’s vote or responsibility to someone else are too big barriers on the way to self-responsible thinking!

Apart from party-structures and institutions everyone is welcome to participate, give input or meet informally at Kaleidoskop – as individuals.

We work on the basis of consensus and try to decide based on that principle. We also spend our time and energy in this place without any monetary compensation.

Apart from representative structures we are open for everyone and want people who use or visit the place to consider the following questions:

What does free space mean to you?

What does anti-sexist space mean to you?

What does anti-speciesist space mean to you?

Do you want to participate?

Which social patterns do you contain within yourself (and by that carry into the place)?

Which utopias do you have?

Also we watch out that social patterns which restrict and suppress (sexism, racism, homophobia, nationalism, transphobia) do not find a place at Kaleidoskop.

Please smoke your tobacco and weed outside. Please respect that we don’t want any meat in here.

In this sense we celebrate and work for several more years and several more places where it’s possible to express oneself freely.

Solidary greetings,
the Kaleidoskop – team

(this text was written in 2009 and revised in 2012)