Free space = space free from you! (english) » kaleidoskop

Free space = space free from you!

If you act sexist, racist, homophobic, or discriminating and suppressing in any other way and are not willing to reflect on it in a self-critical way you are not welcome here!

Countless times we had discussions how the word “free space” is defined at Kaleidoskop. And countless times we heard stuff like “free space – that means that everyone can do whatever they want to”. It does not!!!

We use the word “free space” because we want the space Kaleidoskop to be a as free as possible from discriminating behavior and patterns which are used, reproduced and tolerated in “everyday life” and in most social contexts by most people. This includes authoritarian relations at work or in education as well as genderroles and social roles or exclusion based on body norms or color of the skin. We are aware that it’s not possible to just drop these conceptions, patterns of acting and socialized manners at the entrance. We are also aware of the fact that we ourselves as well are not free from such mechanisms, and that makes it even more important for us to create a setting where all of us can learn to live different behaviour now and here, instead of just waiting for a different ?better? society.

Kaleidoskop is a space where many people invest tons of time and energy. Our goal is to create an open, colorful, welcoming and free space where people can connect and feel well. This is only possible if every discriminating, unreflected and just stupid cocky behaviour stays outside. We are against sexism, racism, homophobia, nationalism, transphobia and heteronormative ways of acting. We see Kaleidoskop as (pro-)feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-hierarchical and solidary free space.

To maintain a free space like Kaleidoskop it is necessary that everyone who enters the space doesn’t just sit back and put on blinders, but actively faces up to the concepts and principles of Kaleidoskop and deals with the behavior of the other people who are there in that moment. Also we are glad about involvement in organizing the Kaleidoskop. We are not a service provider! Yes, we do have drinks, but first of all not to buy and sure as hell not always, at every time of day, for every stage of drunkenness or always perfectly cooled.

You have the possibility to tell others if you feel restricted or suppressed by others, or if you think that others get suppressed or restricted. If you feel overwhelmed by a situation you can also always ask for help at the bar, where you will get support. Be aware of your own boundaries and get support if these boundaries are violated!

We want it to be possible at this place to recover from the madness that goes on “outside” all the time and to maintain a place where mutual respect for each other (and for the space itself) is reality. Whoever does not get that gets kicked out of the Kaleidoskop because of this – depending on what happened only for this evening or for a longer period.

If you feel positively supported by this text: have fun at Kaleidoskop, take care of yourself and others and celebrate!