Informations for event organizers (english)

The space of Kaleidoskop (about 86 m²) can basically be used by everyone for many different kinds of events, without any rent or other payment. The whole project is financed only by free donations and every work we do there is non-paid.
Daily memeberships are available at the bar for free donation; with these and other donations we finance our rent, electricity, repairs, shopping and we can pay back old debts.

It’s very important that all people who are at Kaleidoskop know, understand and accept certain principles:

Kaleidoskop is a free space which firmly rejects certain mechanisms of behavior, oppression and dominance, and we try to maintain a safe space.
We want all people – no matter what genderrole, origin, sexual preferences, lifestyle, property, and much more – to be able to be free and find complete expression without being discriminated or constricted by others; that’s why we are strictly anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-heteronormative! We expect people to respect each other and to treat each other with appreciation.
Whoever does not identify with these principles and acts against them in any way will be told to take their stuff and leave Kaleidoskop!

If you want to organize an event at Kaleidoskop you have to consider the following points:

– Kaleidoskop is a political space; it is necessary to always consider and respect the principles
– Only bring vegan / vegetarian food to Kaleidoskop (no meat!)
– every guest becomes a daily member through a free donation at the bar
– the noise has to be in an acceptable scale (especially the bass!!!), the space is inside a residential building – it’s necessary to consider this!
– everyone should take care of the space and the resources, if space and/or resources are damaged please repair the damage!
– Drinks are available at Kaleidoskop (if you want a list of what we have we can send it to you)
– we have the following technical equipment:
* 1 beamer
* in the back room: a stereo equipment with 2 loudspeakers, 1 mixer, 2 turntables (please bring needles and systems yourself) , connection for laptop/mp3-player/etc., 1 computer
* in the front room: 1 computer, loudspeakers, connection for laptop/mp3-player/etc.

-> please take care of the technical equipment.

In this sense we’re looking forward to you using the space – because that’s what it’s there for!


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  1. Avatar von David

    Hi – I hope that English is ok!

    I have heard from the American anarcho-folk band Holy Locust that they would like to play in Vienna on the 14th of July (Sunday), and I thought that Kaleidoskop would be a good location :).
    I would be happy to organise this if the space is available!
    Here is their bandcamp if you wanna check:

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