about Kaleidoskop (english)

Hello, we are the Kaleidoskop!
…so me and you and you and everyone!
We are a free space for people who want to relax, celebrate, work, network, live, read, play, make music, learn, drink tea and let their creativity flow, away from consumerism, pressure to perform, cis-straight normativity and other forms of social coercive mechanisms and discrimination.

In addition to events organized by ourselves, we provide the location free of charge for a wide variety of ideas, groups and projects. However, some points are very important to us. It is necessary to create an
environment of mutual respect which is open for critic. As well as to work constantly on the dismantling of oppressive behavior patterns. Because these social patterns limit us and hurt us. We want to specifically address some of these patterns: Racism, Queerphobia, Ableism, Sexism, Lookism, and all other hierarchical and hurtful patterns of oppression. The intention is to create a non-toxic alternative to the cultural (consumer) mainstream that is nice to live in for everyone. In this alternative living space, we also want to live an appreciative and mindful interaction with non-human animals. For this reason, an anti-speciesist approach is also important to us.

The space is self-financed by voluntary donations. What happens and who participates results from interaction and feedback. Important decisions are therefore made jointly and consensus-oriented. Regular meetings and joint discussions take place to give a voice to those who are otherwise disadvantaged or excluded in decision-making processes.

Become curious?
Then just come and join us! No matter if you want to get active yourself or just have a drink or a vegan snack with others (or alone), the Kaleidoskop allows everyone to participate in the project in their own way. It is important to us to break the boundary between „creating“ and „consuming“ people.That means: everyone is equally responsible for maintaining mutual respect and thus everyone can feel comfortable and have fun – whether at parties, discussion groups, workshops or whatever other exciting events you and we can think of!

The Kaleidix Chaos Crew



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