about Kaleidoskop (english)

[…this Text is an older version, we are in the process of translating, the German version is up2date…]

Hey, we are the Kaleidoskop!

me, and you and you and you and everyone! We are a free space for people who want to chill out, party, work, connect, live, read, play, make music, listen, learn, try, drink tea and express their creativity and artistry apart from compulsion to buy, preassure to perform, (hetero-)normativity and other social coercive mechanisms.

Apart from our own events we also make our space available for different ideas, groups and projects for free. On the basis of mutual respect, reflecting on every ones behavior and rejecting social mechanisms and patterns which suppress or hurt us and others (sexism, racism, homophobia, lookism) Kaleidoskop is a platform which enables people who cannot afford the rent of a “normal” space to create their own ideas and put them into practice.

The space is financed autonomously and only by free donations. What happens and who participates results out of interaction and feedback. Decisions are made together on the basis of consensus; we meet and discuss regularly so that also those who wouldn’t be able to express their opinion otherwise can join into decisions and discourses. By doing so we try to create a live-able alternative to the mainstream.

Became curious?

Then just come by and participate! Because it doesn’t matter if you wanna get active yourself or just want to drink something or eat a toast in a nice atmosphere (and support us for that with a free donation 😉 ), the Kaleidoskop gives everyone the chance to participate in their own way. In this context it is very important to us to deconstruct the border that’s normally between “organizers” and “consumers” (=guests). That means that every person in Kaleidoskop is responsible that everyone can have fun, that everyone gets treat with respect and that everyone can feel comfortable – also at partys!

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