Queers-only Kaleido-Bar

8. August 2022 um 19:00 Europe/Vienna Zeitzone

Kaleidoskop Queers-only night!


You feel queer then come on Monday at 7pm to hang out, network, exchange, celebrate or use the space in any way you can think of, without hetero-cis ppl


(u can be a queer cis person or a queer straight person, only if u are cis and straight u are not invited ).


All drinks prices are “pay as you can” of course.


‍⬛When? Monday 7pm


‍⬛Where? Schönbrunner Straße 91, 1050 Vienna


‍⬛What should I bring? Yourself and whatever u think could be nice for u and others. vegan food is always nice


We are looking forward to seeing you, Klaleidix Chaos Crew

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