Between estrogenes and tough-guy Hardcore — Skillsharing/Talk on trans* experiences in the music scene

29. April 2019 um 20:15 Europe/Vienna Zeitzone

“Trans*women in the punk scene –between hypermasculine Hardcore bands and toplessness the space often grows small for gender-nonconforming individuals, even though especially the punk scene should be an ideal space for free expression and diversity. As a trans*woman that spent most of her life as a cis-man I was able to get uniqueimpressions of the vacuum between unambiguously male structures, pseudo-liberal venues and queer_feminist utopias.

From the topless live photo atage 15 in the local newspaper to a tour manager for queer_feminist artists –there’s much development to speak about: The split between the fondness of Hardcore-Punk and the longing for femininity, mansplaining, estrogenes and the difficulty to make an existence within an anti-capitalist scene sustainable.

I want to provide insight into gender roles within the punk scene, share skills and speak about my development into professionally operating a political tour service. Together with you, I would like to contextualize experiences into political structures and learn fromeach other.

Maja operates her international tour service “Queers to the front Booking” and puts on DIY shows in Germany. She identifies as trans*female and uses the pronouns ‘she/her’.


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